Roof Painting

Roof Painting

Roof Painting Auckland

The Restorative Painters team specialises in transforming roofs past their best into stunning pieces of architecture that look fantastic once again. Our experienced roof painters have the skills to work on all types of roofing material, including colour steel, Decromastic, concrete tiles, metal and much more. When it comes to roof painting in Auckland, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better combination of skill and quality.

We believe in offering a thoroughly comprehensive service. That’s why our work doesn’t stop at the gutter line. Our roof painting and coating services also cover downpipes, guttering, soffits and much more.

Our Roof Maintenance Services

At Restorative Painters, we also offer roof maintenance services to ensure that your roof is watertight and that water flows where it should.

We use a range of techniques to achieve this, depending entirely on the material and type of roof you have. If you would like more information or to get a quote for our services, please contact us at 027 550 7565.

Water Blasting

If a build-up of mould, lichen, dirt, moss or grime is causing your roof to look grubby, our water blasting services are the solution. We make use of high-quality materials, equipment and an effective chemical washing solution that will get your roof looking fantastic again. Best of all, it won’t cause any damage to the environment in the process.

Roof Painters Auckland

The Restorative Painters team has extensive experience painting and maintaining residential and commercial roofs throughout the Auckland area. We have worked in suburbs including Mt Eden, Epsom, Mission Bay, Remuera and Parnell.
For a free quote for our services for roof painting in Auckland, please contact us at 027 550 7565.

The Importance of Roof Painting and Coating

Homeowners and property managers alike know just how crucial effective roof maintenance is. But did you know that painting your roof is also a critical part of an effective roof care routine? Painting your roof doesn’t just keep your building looking good – it will also ensure your property’s structural stability and integrity.

We recommend painting your house’s roof at least once every five years. That way, you can ensure that it will remain in perfect condition. Regular roof painting in Auckland also helps you identify minor issues such as rust or leaks so that you can take care of them before the scale of the repair project grows out of hand. After all, regular painting is much cheaper than a replacement roof or extensive repairs.

Here are more details about the benefits of regularly painting your house or building’s roof:

1. Painting Roofs Extends Their Life

Numerous factors can affect the longevity of a roof paint job. One example is lichen and algae. While these may appear to be harmless bits of nature, they can cause significant damage to your roof over time. Lichen holds moisture against the surface, speeding up wear and tear and increasing the chance that your roof will need repairs.

On the other hand, a thoroughly painted roof will be less susceptible to the growth of both algae and lichens.

Roof paints are also used to keep your walls water and leak-proof, protect your home, and prevent the accumulation of water damage and harm created by bad weather. Regular roof painting in Auckland is essential for the longevity of your roof and house alike.

2. It will help your roof perform better

Throughout its lifespan, a roof is exposed directly to the elements. These can include considerable differences in temperature, the intense New Zealand sun, and heavy Auckland storms, all of which place a lot of wear and tear on the surface.

Repainting your roof can thus help it do its job with better efficiency. This is because there are specialised types of roofing paint available for all kinds of surfaces. They’ll help your roof withstand the elements and do its job protecting and keeping your home and family safe, warm and dry.

3. Fresh painting gives your roof a new look

A repaint of your roof will give both it and your house as a whole a fresh, exciting new look. This is also very useful if you plan to sell or rent out your home or building soon. By putting it in better condition, you’ll help increase your property’s value, netting you a great final price.

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Our expert roof painting Auckland specialists can get your roof looking as good as new. With our skills and high-end roofing and coating supplies, we’ll ensure that every roof painting project is done to exacting quality standards.

So if your roof is beginning to look old and tired, our experts will help you breathe new life into it. Get a total transformation at a highly affordable cost when you turn to Restorative Painters. For more information or a quote, please contact us at 027 550 7565.

Roof Painting Auckland