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Interior Painting Services in Auckland

Do you need a new paint job for your home’s interior? Are you located in Parnell, Remuera, Mission Bay, Epsom, Mt Eden or anywhere else in Auckland? Here at Restorative Painters, we offer unparalleled interior painting services. Just contact us at 027 550 7565 or message us online.

We use high-quality paints, including award winners Resene to achieve some of the best colour standards in NZ. Our painting teams are committed to exceptional customer service, affordable prices and beautiful colours on every step of the job.

That means that when you choose us for your interior paint needs, we’ll take care of the whole process, from the first step to the last. We bring complete attention to detail every step of the way, from preparing your walls before painting, protecting your belongings and furniture to the final clean up when we finish.

So if you need hassle-free interior painting services, get in touch with Auckland’s leading colour paint specialists. Whether you’re painting a single room to keep up with the latest trends or want to refresh your whole home with new colours, our paint experts can help. Contact the Restorative Painters team at 027 550 7565 or email

What You Can Expect From Us

Expert paint advice, including help with choosing the right colours
High-quality workmanship from a skilled, experienced interior paint team
Professionalism every step of the way, including total respect for your home
Affordable and transparent pricing on every paint job

Get a Quote for Interior Painting Services Today

Whatever your colour vision for your home, we can make it happen. Whether you’re simply refreshing your look to keep up with the latest trends, found inspiration for a complete renovation, or are decorating an entirely new home, we’ll make your colour dreams a reality.

To learn more or to get a free, no-obligation quote for our interior paint services, please contact us today by phone, email, or send us a message online here.

About Resene Paints

Resene offers some of the highest quality colour paints across NZ, including Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. They have won multiple awards for the quality of their paint range and stock everything you need for your decorating project.

Resene paint shades cover thousands of colours, including options for custom colour matches. That means when you choose Resene, you’re sure to find precisely the hues you need to match the inspiration for your home.

In addition to this diverse collection of colours, Resene paints include exceptional textured and specialist finishes such as wood stains, metallics and clear finishes. That means that when you choose high-quality Resene paint for your interior decorating plans, you’re sure to get exceptional results. So if you have a particular look or style you’re after, just talk to the Restorative Painters team to ask how we can bring your colour goals to life.

Resene Eco.Decorators

An increasing number of people are recognising the importance of going green – and this applies to interior painting, too.

Resene’s extensive range of Environmental Choice approved paints are highly beneficial for the environment – and these environmental advantages have been independently verified. That means that you can keep our landscape beautiful while adding to the beauty of your home.

The Resene list of approved Resene Eco.Decorator businesses describes painters who use Environmental Choice approved colour Resene paint applied in an environmentally responsible manner that follows sustainability principles.

Resene designed the Eco.Decorator programme to recognise NZ painting contractors who are environmentally responsible and quality-focused. To be recognised as Resene Eco.Decorators and painters are assessed on four metrics: sustainable work practices, waste management, principles in practice, project plans, and process signs.

What this means is that if you choose a Resene Eco.Decorator for your decorating project, you’ll be selecting a colour paint contractor committed to environmental principles at each step of your decorating scheme.

As recognised Resene Eco.Decorators, when you pick Restorative Painters for your new interior paintwork, you’ll get a professional quality painting service committed to creating sustainable paint systems with artist quality style and appeal.

We make every effort to use Environmental Choice approved colour Resene paint on each of our projects. That will minimise the smell of paint and environmental damage caused during the process. Resene paint is the right step for colour that will turn your home into a work of art and bring your inspiration to life. That’s why we’re the right choice when it comes to decorating your home in a green way.

At Restorative Painters, we are careful to manage waste projects with total environmental responsibility every step of our process. This includes using the Resene PaintWise programme where possible. A bit of green in every colour scheme.

The Restorative Painters team is also committed to monitoring and upgrading our responsibilities and working closely with Resene to make a difference to our planet. So when you choose us for your interior decorating paint jobs, you’ll get a team recommended by the best and committed to making a difference to your buildings and the planet.

Our Interior Paint Project Services

When it comes to interior house painting, we know that perfection is everything. That’s why the team here at Restorative Painters will take the time to ensure that every step of our process is done right.

We bring total attention to detail and professionalism to every painting project to ensure that it is completed to the highest possible standards with minimum hassle for you.

To learn about the services we provide, or if you would like advice on the latest paint and colour trends, just check out our online gallery right here on our website.  You’ll find great examples of our completed projects and inspiration for decorating of your own.

Whether you need walls, ceilings or even just your window trims painted, we’ll ensure high-quality colour results with no stress involved. Call, email or use our online contact form to ask for a free, no-obligation quote today.

We’ll Make Your Property Beautiful

A bright new coat of beautiful colour paint can play a critical role in creating a warm, welcoming home. But for your house to look its best, your interior painting job needs to be done right. This means calling in professional, expert colour painters.

Keeping your paintwork in good condition can be very time consuming and even challenging, for instance, when it comes to hard-to-access spots such as tight corners and high ceilings.

At Restorative Painters, our interior paint team will look after every aspect of your project. We’ll handle your decorating with care and attention and work with you every step of the process to achieve the look you want.

We’re dedicated to excellent customer service. That’s why we’ll take the time to advise you on the correct paint type for your job, focusing on high-quality paint like Resene paint to ensure the best new coats and finishes for your home. We are also happy to provide colour consultations to ensure you get the look you want.

No matter whether you’re in Parnell, Remuera, Mission Bay or Mt Eden, if you’re looking for interior painters in Auckland, you can trust the Restorative Painters team to handle your decorating needs. Make us your first choice in house painters Auckland-wide.

We recognise how important it is to have a beautiful, invitingly painted home. That’s why, when you choose the team at Restorative Painters to complete your interior colour paint jobs, you can rest assured that we’ll take every possible measure to ensure that you receive service that surpasses all your expectations.

Our dedication to premium workmanship and exceptional customer care is what’s allowed us to establish ourselves as leaders in Auckland’s residential painting industry. Regardless of the scale of your job, we’ll take it upon ourselves to handle it with total commitment to making your home look superb.

As specialists in interior home painting, we can also arrange professional colour consulting services to help you develop artist quality palettes to transform your home into a beautiful masterpiece.

Would you like to see examples of our completed projects? Just click here to view our online gallery.

Auckland’s Leading Interior Painters

We provide expert, professional interior painting services Auckland-wide. We’ll help you ensure that your decorations and furniture are complemented by a beautiful, stunning interior finish that will truly make all your colours come together.

Our services will ensure that the interior of your home is everything you imagined it to be and much more. We can give your home a fresh coat of colour Resene paint to help it handle the rigours of everyday life and truly boost its appearance.

A fresh new paint job can transform the feeling of your home. So whether you’ve just moved into an exciting new place or want to increase the value of your old house before you put it on the market, we’ll help transform your interior decorating.

About Our Interior Painting Services

We have years of industry experience performing interior painting services in Auckland. That’s why we know just how the skilful use of colour can help you re-invent your home with nothing more than a beautiful new coat of paint.

Colour can help you establish your personality throughout your property. So whether you’re making a house feel more like home, want to modernise your colour scheme, or just want to add value to your house, you can turn to the Restorative Painters team.

We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality interior painting service. We’ll treat every aspect of your paint project with total attention to detail and ensure that you can take pride in the final results.

Our experienced painting staff will treat your home and valuables with respect. We make sure to clean up after ourselves once we’re finished. It’s all part of our relentless commitment to quality service.

Get It Started

It can feel daunting to make a start on your interior painting project. But you can rely on our team of house painters to make it easy for you. We can offer you a no-cost, obligation-free quote and arrange a colour consultation if necessary to identify the right palette for your home.

We aim to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your interior painting project and choose a team that will guarantee you an exceptional level of service. At Restorative Painters, we aim to exceed all your expectations, from quote to final clean-up. So just get in touch with us to get your interior house painting project started the right way.

Whether you’re touching up a damaged coat of old paint or experimenting with environmentally-friendly products to match your new curtains, you can turn to us. With the quality of our paint and workmanship, you’ll get a result that works and is guaranteed to last.

General wear and tear are inevitable in any home. While turning your re-paint into an exciting DIY project might be tempting, it’s essential that you choose a team of skilled painting professionals to give your home the quality care it needs and get all your colours in perfect order.

Restorative Painters is the right choice. We’ll do our best to do a job that you can take pride in. So give us a call, email us at 027 550 7565 or contact us using our online contact form here.

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