About Us

Restorative Painters is a professional painting company with years of experience operating in Central Auckland and on the North Shore.

We specialize in residential houses, whether it be a new house, renovation, rental or a complete restoration.
We use only high-quality painting materials and systems to create finishes that not only look good but will protect and enhance the value of your home.

If you need touch ups before your house goes on the market, or the entire interior and exterior needs painting, Restorative Painters can do the job.
“Restorative Painters’ commitment to environmental and sustainability principles is reflected in our approval as Resene Eco-Decorators.
A nationwide scheme, the Resene Eco-Decorator programme recognizes environmentally-responsible, quality-focused painting contractors.

To promote your company as an authentic Resene Eco-Decorator you must successfully meet these standards.
At Restorative Painters we are proud to be recognised as a Resene Eco-Decorator because it reflects our values as environmentally responsible painters who don’t just ensure a great painting job but do so without causing damage to our precious planet.

To become part of this scheme painters undergo an assessment which includes demonstrating high standards in:

  • Principles in practice
  • Sustainable work practices
  • Waste management
  • Project plans
  • Project sign off process


Use the Master Painter Services five year guarantee as added value when quoting a job and provide peace of mind for your customers. Only available to Master Painters to use.